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Mystic Aquarium


A Mystical Experience

What makes Mystic Aquarium such a unique experience and a must-visit for those in the Preston Connecticut area is its commitment to teach about aquatic life through interactive experiences. It is a pioneer in offering up close experiences for guests. For additional charges guests can pet a Beluga's large head, learn about penguin trainers, meet each of their sea-lions, provide enrichment activities for Seals, feed stingrays, and can even be a marine trainer for a day! 
Guests can also visit and see the Animal Rescue Clinic. Working with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and other programs the Aquarium rescues a variety of marine wildlife each year. Guests can peek inside the clinic, with a collection of pools designed for rehabilitation for the wildlife. Once guests are entranced by these animals the Aquarium offers an Animal Parent Program where guests can make a donation to to a specific species at the aquarium. In return they get a symbolic certificate adoptions, a photo of the species, and a plush toy of the species to take care of at home.

A popular feature of the aquarium is its 4D museum. The expansive theater features documentaries about wildlife as well as an occasional popular children's movie. Another popular feature is the Aquarium's Aviary house called Boomerang Island. It houses colorful cokatiels, grass parakeets, barraband parrots and region parrots. All of the birds are native to Australia. The birds are free flying, but the aviary offers feeding sticks for guests to feed the birds in a close-up encounter. One of the most popular exhibits for children is the "Wild Artic" exhibit. With informative displays as well as an opportunity to come face to face with a walrus, humback whales, and polar bears through an interactive computer generated animation.

Whatever your reason for visiting the Preston area, the Mystic Aquarium is the perfect afternoon activity. It never fails to excite wonder and joy in the mystic creatures that live under the sea.